AMCRA is the knowledge centre on antibiotic use and resistance in animals in Belgium. The aim of AMCRA is to achieve a rational reduction in antibiotic use together with a sustainable antibiotics policy in the field of veterinary medicine in Belgium.


AMCRA developed an initial reduction plan in 2014, which included a number of targets and action points (Vision 2020). A second reduction plan (Vision 2024) takes further steps in the development of the antibiotics policy for animals in Belgium.


Statistics relating to the sale and use of antibiotics in animals in Belgium are published annually in the BelVet-SAC report (Belgian Veterinary Surveillance of Antibacterial Consumption). This annual report contains a summary of the key results emerging from the monitoring of antibiotic resistance in animals. AMCRA analyses antibiotic use data at farm level. See here for more information.


Scientific symposium

Antimicrobial resistance: a challenge for public and animal health

June, 27th, 2023

Brussels and via webinar 

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Centre of Expertise on Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance in Animals

Latest results

"One Health" report on AMU and AMR
Belgian report on veterinary national antibioticum consumption and on farm-level use - 2022