Our achievements in 2012

 To realize AMCRA's mission, the following strategic objectives were defined for the first working year in 2012; AMCRA has established a timetable for meeting these objectives:

1. Drafting antibiotic guides to promote well-considered usage of antibiotics in pigs, poultry, beef cattle and dairy cattle.

With this in mind, AMCRA has set up working groups for each type of animal or group of animals (pigs, poultry, veal calves, beef cattle and dairy cattle) consisting of eminent representatives of the sectors concerned. Veterinarians, the pharmaceutical industry, the compound feed industry, agricultural organizations, the scientific world – were all involved in order to assess the content and structure of each of the guides as professionally as possible.

A first version of these guides was made available in the fourth quarter of 2012. In 2013, they will be finalized and distributed. The guides contain general information on the correct use of antibiotics and specific information by animal species with special recommendations for treatment per pathology

2.   Drafting a study report on the possibilities of extending current data collection systems in order to record the usage of antibiotics in veterinary medicine and develop an electronic database.

This report was drafted by the Data Collection working group and it has been available on our website since October 2012. Based on this report, the organizations concerned can begin to develop a data collection system in the short term. The Board of AMCRA is convinced that setting up an electronic database is an absolute priority. On one hand, because collecting and processing data takes a certain amount of time before it generates reliable results, and on the other hand because man-days will be needed to develop and implement a database with the needed quality.

3.   Creating information and awareness campaigns targeting veterinarians and farmers or animal owners, to promote well-considered usage of antibiotics.

The first step in this direction was the creation of the Communication working group in January 2012. A communication plan was defined by the working group notably including the development of the form and content of the Amcra website. The site was put online in the second quarter of 2012. A ‘roadshow’ was also organized with local presentations for veterinarians. On 18 October 2012, the first AMCRA seminar took place in Brussels on alternatives to antibiotics in the animal production sector.

4.   Grouping self-regulation proposals per sector concerning the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine.

This objective was reached at meetings of the working groups mentioned above by type or group of animals. The proposals particularly include measures pertaining to registration of the use of veterinarian medicines, the use of antibacterial products and animal health. The opinions of each working group were presented in September 2012 to the Steering Committee. A summary report was drafted by AMCRA in January 2013, based on the proposals of each individual working group.

In addition to the strategic objectives, AMCRA has other objectives as well, as described in the "Memorandum of Understanding" or at the request of the authorities or partners concerned. The following objective gives a concrete example:

5.   Give an opinion concerning the possibility of administering ZnO in weaned piglets as a potential alternative to the use of antibiotics.

The opinion drafted by the ZnO working group specifically responded to questions on dosage and ecological aspects. This opinion was published on our website in November 2012.

The table below gives an overview of AMCRA's achievements in 2012.







Drafting guides on antibiotic use for pigs, poultry, veal calves, beef cattle and dairy cattle

Draft version

4th quarter 2012


Drafting an opinion on data collection

3rd quarter 2012


Developing information and awareness campaigns:


Seminars - lectures

Others (reports - press contacts - publications - …)


2nd quarter 2012

throughout the year



Drafting a summary report on proposals for self-regulation in the animal sectors

3rd – 4th quarter 2012


Drafting an opinion on ZnO in pig feed as an alternative to the use of antibiotics

4th quarter 2012