Our objectives for the year 2013

1. Sensitizing veterinarians and farmers to using antimicrobial products in a well-considered way and to respecting the chapters of the antibiotic guides that are applicable to them.

Planned activities:

- Finalizing the guides started in 2012;
- Confronting quality labels and specifications concerning the implementation of self-regulating measures and the use of the guides;
- Discussing with the authorities and veterinary organizations about adaptations of current legislation in the context of good usage of veterinary medicines;
- Organizing local presentations for veterinarians and farmers.

2. Presenting alternatives that could reduce the use of antibiotics.

Planned activities:

- Promoting biosecurity systems;
- Organizing an AMCRA seminar: “Prevention of animal diseases through biosecurity and vaccination as a tool to reduce the use of antibiotics”.
- Developing a strategy to promote the use of vaccines and the correct application of vaccination programmes in food-producing animals.

3. Drafting proposals to broaden the conditions pertaining to the acquisition, holding or creation of a stock of medicines, and the prescription, supply and/or administering of veterinary medicines (antibacterial agents) by veterinarians and farmers.

Planned activities:

- Creating a working group on “Stocks of medicines held by veterinarians and farmers” which will draft an opinion on the need to hold a stock of antibacterial agents, etc. and the conditions for doing so;
- Forming an opinion on the well-considered use of antibacterial agents, including an adequate lay-out adapted to the target audience;
- Discussing with concerned stakeholders about launching a data collection system to monitor the judicious prescription, supply and administering of veterinary medicines.

4. Drafting proposals to broaden legislation on the prescription and use of medicated feed with a view to centralized electronic data collection on the prescription / use of medicated feed.

Planned activities:

- Completing the existing opinion on data collection concerning data collection on medicated feed.

5. Drafting an antibiotic guide for well-considered usage of antibiotics for companion animal health.

Planned activities

- Creating a working group in charge of developing guidelines for the correct use of antibiotics and companion animal health;
- Drafting guidelines intended for veterinarians including specific guidelines for the usage of antibiotics by pathology / pathogenic agent.

In addition to achieving the objectives established for 2013, AMCRA undertakes to follow up the dossiers treated during the first year of work. Indeed, many objectives require continuity in both their approach and their execution. This has been taken into account in the planning.